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A restricted secure computing environment for the storing and analyzing
of sensitive research data at the University of Chicago 



MidwayR is part of the University of Chicago’s Secure Data Enclave. It provides a secure computing environment to support research that has higher security standard requirements. The MidwayR computing and storage environment is similar to the RCC’s Midway but is equipped with tools and software needed to meet the highest levels of secure data protection.


Getting Started

MidwayR uses UChicago CNetID to authenticate users. Similar to Midway, there are two types of accounts: Principal Investigator (PI) accounts and general user accounts. However, the process to get an account on MidwayR is different from that on Midway.

Accessing MidwayR

Accessing MidwayR is a two-step process: First: Login to Secure Data Enclave (SDE) Desktop using the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) client. Second: 用代理ip加速与网络加速器的不同-智连:2021-12-18 · 用代理ip加速 与网络加速器的不同 来源:互联网 作者:admin 发布时间:2021.12.18 使用网络的时候,我们或多或少都会遇到网络卡顿的情况。相信大家也有过点开一个软件等半天,或者是打开网站半天都不响应,什么都不显示。这样的情况实在是 ...



Once you are done using MidwayR, be sure to logout of your session. Like connecting, disconnecting is a two-step process: first, run 如何通过ip代理上网 in PuTTY to log out of MidwayR; second, logout from the SDE environment by selecting “Sign out” from the Windows Start Menu.


Provides Security and Privacy Protection

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Allows for Custom Analytical Software

The service is flexible so you can add the analytics software you prefer for your research.

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The Secure Data Enclave transfers the security obligations of data management and storage from the researcher to the University while complying with legal and contractual standards.

Managed by University IT Professionals

The MidwayR is professionally managed and operated by  RCC staff. This allows you to focus on research and analysis and avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of building and operating a secure environment.

Offers Collaboration with RCC

RCC’s computational scientists are available to provide their expertise and help you unlock new ways to analyze the data.

Reduces Data Security Risks

The service reduces data security risks for researchers and the University.



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